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Mission figs are used primarily for dried fruit, paste or juice concentrate, while Kadota are used for canning, preserving and fig paste. The Calimyrna fig is processed as dried fruit or paste.

Food products containing figs include fig paste, fig concentrate, fig powder, fig nuggets and diced and sliced figs.

The natural flavor of figs can be preserved in fig jam, preserves and paste, or to make fig concentrate, which replaces sucrose and corn syrup.

Chopped, diced and sliced figs are incorporated into food products and baked goods. A small number of figs are canned.

The dried seeds in figs contain an oil that is 30 percent fatty acids. This edible oil can be used as a lubricant. The natural humectants in figs make them a beneficial ingredient in such health and beauty products as soap, moisturizers, fragrance and candles.

After the fruit harvest, fig leaves are plucked and used for fodder in India. In southern France, fig leaves are used as a source of perfume material; the leaves create a woody-mossy scent.